Energy Healing with a Bigfoot Elder by Amy Dempster

Energy Healing with a Bigfoot Elder

Bigfoot (or Sasquatch or Yeti or Ancient Ones…different “types” of the same being) are highly evolved, high vibrational beings who are incarnated here on earth, but primarily in the 4th Dimension and above. Humans have a hard time “finding” them because they can shift in and out of our dimension quickly and easily. 

But it is easy for them to interact with us in liminal space like a shamanic journey because our consciousness shifts into a higher dimension where it's easier for them to connect with us.

They communicate telepathically and don't particularly like technology, but they do have a real interest in things like grids and portals and in the care and well being of the Earth in general.

I've been working with a Bigfoot guide since 2016 and they have now asked me to create this healing container for them to offer energy healing to those who wish to receive it.

This is a pre-recorded shamanic journey where I lead you to an ancient forest where they still live. The Bigfoot Elder in this place will step forward and perform an energy healing while you are there. You may share a specific intention for your healing if you wish. Otherwise, this elder will scan your energy body and offer a healing that is most in alignment for your highest and best good.

I'm honored to share these special beings with you.

What's included?

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Energy Healing with a Bigfoot Elder